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MuddyKidz Activity Pack - Monthly Subscription (For Two Children)

MuddyKidz Activity Pack - Monthly Subscription (For Two Children)

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If you're lucky enough to have two budding MuddyKidz then this is the one for you. This is our monthly subscription pack that includes double the fun. Everything in these activity packs are doubled up so there's no arguing over who's turn is next!

Are you ready to join the MuddyKidz Club and help raise a generation of adventure loving little ones?

We believe children THRIVE when spending time outdoors, away from screens, having adventures and getting muddy!!!

With FREE DELIVERY every month, we're proud to introduce our brand new monthly activity pack subscription. You'll recieve a brand new activity pack each month filled with different activities, challenges, games and tasks! 

What better way to enjoy some family time in the great outdoors?

Our activity packs can be enjoyed on a walk to the park, down in the local woods, on a family day out or even down the bottom of the garden!

Packs are aimed at children aged 3-7. The younger MuddyKidz may need more guidance from the adults but the older MuddyKidz will be able to take the lead. We strongly advise parents get involved with the activities regardless, why should the kids have all the fun?k

Each activity pack is tailored to the season / month / event so look forward to your Summer, Winter, Easter, Halloween packs arriving in the post.

You can look forward to: 

  • Activities like: Map Drawing, Rabbit & the Hare, Woodland Olympics & Animal Trail
  • Games like: Giant Noughts and Crosses, Mini Boat Building & Scavenger Hunts
  • Challenges like: Den Building, Bug Hunting &  Arts & Crafts

Plus much more!

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Customer Reviews

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Anthony Baines
Muddykidz is for all the family !!!!!

Been a subscriber since the start and each pack is filled with a great variety of activities and fun filled tasks.

We arranged our days out around the activities over the Easter holidays. Days when you are searching for ideas are no longer.

Got outdoors and the kids fully enjoyed each of the activities. Also the egg and spoon race and egg rolling for Easter gave an excellent, fun and competitive excersice for our kids to get involved with.

Extremely happy with our packs so far - excellent value for money , provides activities to fill your days out and most of all gets the whole family outside and exploring together 😄

😲 100% money back guarantee! 😲

We promise a 100% money back guarantee with NO questions asked IF... your child doesn't have fun when using our activity packs on your next adventure. Sound fair?