Our story...

We're the Taylor family. A family of 5 from the North West of the UK. We took a family gap year over 2022/20223 to travel around Europe and Morocco in our 18 year old motorhome 'Marvin'. This gap year taught us many things. One of the biggest lessons was how children thrive when spending time outdoors, away from screens and having adventures.
This was the inspiration for MuddyKidz. 
We believe children growing up today are missing out on the best parts of childhood: Spending time outside and having adventures. We also know how difficult it is to get the family outside on the weekend. Not knowing where to go or what to do. The thought of going to another soft play centre tipping you over the edge! 

That's where our MuddyKidz activity packs come in. 
Every month you'll recieve an activity pack filled with games, challenges and activities for your family to enjoy. We have the classics including hide and seek, den building, woodlands olympics. As well as different challenges to be completed during your adventure. 
Our kids have loved trying out all of the different activities in the packs so we're sure yours will too. 
We want to build a community of parents pushing back against the norm of endless screen time, soft play centres and helicopter parenting! If this sounds like you we'd love for you to join the MuddyKidz adventure. 

Drop us a message: contact@muddykidz.co.uk