The MuddyKidz Podcast is coming soon!

The MuddyKidz Podcast is coming soon!

We have started recording our very own MuddyKidz Podcast! 

We are extremely passionate when it comes to parenting and raising little humans. Giving our children the skills, tools and experiences needed to become successful adults is a parents biggest and most important job. 

But... in reality not many of us REALLY knows what they're doing when it comes to parenting.

So, that's why we've decided to launch this podcast. To help parents get a deeper understanding of how our little ones work and how we can do the best job we can at raising them. 

We're extremely lucky to have some real experts at this stuff agree to come on the show. We've got parenting experts, child psychologists, people who work in education, well-being sector and even some adventurers! 

The podcast will be launched early March on all the major podcast platforms (Apple, YouTube, Spotify).

Keep an eye out for more updates and if you have any ideas for suitable guests drop us a message at :)  

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